What is AIS?
-AIS stands for Academic Intervention Services.  This AIS class focuses on English Language Arts (ELA) and is a class created to improve and strengthen reading and writing skills.  During AIS class time, students will have the opportunity to work in smaller group settings, prepare for upcoming tests and state assessments, and receive assistance in areas of ELA that are challenging.  Participation in AIS activities will promote success in ELA.   
Success in AIS (Expectations)
  • Students are expected to arrive on time, be prepared and ready to work, and bring all class supplies with a positive attitude.
  • Students are expected to be respectful to their classmates, teacher, and themselves.
  • Students are expected to raise their hand, participate, and accept responsibilty for their education.
  • All students are expected to try their best and give 100% in everything they do!
   Classroom Routine
  • Get AIS folder, warm-up activity, and sit down.
  • Immediately begin the warm-up activity.
  • Participate in ELA lesson/activities/review.


   Students cannot...
  • Use time to talk with friends or fool around.
  • Draw.
  • Wander around the room or school.
  • Work on homework.
  1. Verbal warning
  2. Seat change
  3. Conference in the hall
  4. Referral and a phone call home to parent/guardian.


Reward System
A stamp will be given to each class for each period. Students are expected to:
  • Utilize time productively.
  • Have a positive attitude.
  • Follow classroom rules.
  • Do their best work and participate in activities and lessons.
After five stamps, students can earn ELA game time or homework time.  
Homework  Homework is not assigned in AIS, however, it is encouraged that AIS students practice their reading and writing skills on the teacher recommended websites.