Success in RtI (Expectations)
  • Students are expected to to arrive on time and be ready to work when the bell rings.
  • Students are expected to bring materials to class including a pencil, chapter book, and any ELA materials that they may have a question on.
  • Students are expected to respect other people's differences and use polite speech and body language.
  • All students are expected to follow the teacher's instructions and listen carefully when the teacher is addressing the class.
  • Always try your best!!!

Classroom Routine
  • Get folder and iReady book.
  • Complete Everyday Edit.
  • ELA lesson/activity/review.
  1. Verbal Warning
  2. Seat change
  3. Conference in the hall
  4. Stay after class
  5. Phone call or email home to parent/guardian
  6. Referral
Reward System
A "star" sticker will be given to each student as long as the student:
  • Utilizes time productively.
  • Has a positive attitude.
  • Follows classroom rules.
  • Does their best work and participates in activites and lessons.
After three stickers, students can get a piece of candy:)
Students can save 12 stars and get a candy bar or save 21 stars and get a king size candy bar!


Homework is not assigned in AIS, however, it is encouraged that AIS students practice their reading and writing skills on the teacher recommended websites.