History of Rock
Links to Artists
All Music - Comprehensive website; includes information on who the artist(s) influenced, and who they followed, and their contemporaries (similar artists).
Billboard - Go to artist, "chart history," and see if your artist or group has scored a hit on the Billboard charts for top album sales.  Also includes comprehensive biographies. 
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - Go to the "Inductees" tab, click, and then use the search box.
Classic Bands - Biographies of classic bands with information on their biggest hits.
Database Biographies
Student Resource Center, Jr. - Search the database for biographies of individual artists and groups.
iTunes - This is an excellent resource.  You will need to use a computer with the iTunes software already downloaded.  The desktop computers in the Middle School Library are not compatible with iTunes, but other computers in the school are equipped with this software.
  • On the desktop, double click on the iTunes icon 
  • Once iTunes has loaded, on the left-hand side click on the "iTunes Store"
  • In the top right-hand corner, type the name of the artist that you're searching for, and click "Enter" or select from the provided suggestions
  • After you've selected an artist, scroll down, and on the left-hand side look for a box that says, "Artists and More"
  • Once you've found that box, click on the artists name
  • After the new page has loaded, you should see a biography page that provides comprehensive information about the artist's life and musical career, as well as a column on the right with "Influencers," "Followers," and "Contemporaries"