• ITAC (It Takes a Community)
    Drug and Alcohol Prevention Coalition 
    Has a Vision to:
    • The I-TAC (It Takes A Community) Drug and Alcohol Prevention Coalition was formed by community members in the Towns of Elma, Marilla and Wales in response to concern over the increase in substance abuse and resulting deaths in our communities. The Coalition is comprised of members from the school district, town officials, law enforcement, religious community, local businesses and other concerned citizens. Our mission is to increase awareness of substance abuse within the community and enhance communication between parents, youth, educators and residents, while utilizing data to drive prevention efforts, promote education, and provide access to resources.
    • Please consider joining our Coalition- our next meeting is mentioned below in the Iroquois High School Media Center.  Feel free to contact our Coordinator- Mr. Mark Sterlace at 716-432-9344 for further information regarding our Coalition or go to: itacprevention@gmail.com. All are welcome.
    • For an ITAC brochure, click Here.

                                Jessica Hutchings – Face to Face Program Director                                      
       Kids Escaping Drugs~ (920 Harlem Rd. WS, NY) 716-821-0391  
                                                           "Where do you Fit in?"
    Next ITAC Meeting: Tuesday, April 25th at 9:10am
    All are Welcome - Please invite a colleague/friend to join us

    Agenda Items will include:

    •         Treasurer’s Report/Donations Received
    •         DFC Grant Update
    •         ITAC LOGO Presentation to designers
    •         Elma Kiwanis Directory Ad
    •         Project Sticker Shock – 5/25 -2:30-5:00
    •         WNY PRC-PNA Grant
    •         ITAC Mission Statement 
    •         Next Steps/Timeline Review
    •         Other
    • Narcan Training Kits Recalled, for more information click Here.
    • Narcotic Abuse & Drug Disposal, for Power Point presentation click Here.