Iroquois Central School District Board of Education 2018-2019
    Charles Specht, David Lowrey, Michele Hovey, Louise Toth
    Sharon Szeglowski, Jane Sullivan and Gunnar Haberl 


    The Iroquois Central School District is well known for the dedication and commitment of its Board of Education. Much of the strength of the school district is derived from the long tradition of stability and consistency of purpose, a proud hallmark of the Iroquois Board of Education. The Board is comprised of seven elected officials who carry five-year terms.

    E-Mail Addresses
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    Charles Specht - President
    Jane Sullivan - Vice-President  
    2018-2019 Board Ambassadors
    Elma Primary  -  Louise Toth
    Marilla Primary - Gunnar Haberl
    Wales Primary - David Lowrey
    Intermediate/Middle School - Michele Hovey & Chuck Specht
    High School - Jane Sullivan & Sharon Szeglowski