If you would like to send a member of the Iroquois Central School District Administrative Team a comment, a suggestion or just have a question, please click on the blue link next to their name in the table below to send them an e-mail.



E-Mail Addres

Mr. Douglas ScofieldSuperintendent of Schools
Dr. Mary Jo DudekAssistant Superintendent for Curriculum mjdudek@iroquoiscsd.org
Mrs. Joanne George
Business Administratorjgeorge@iroquoiscsd.org
Mrs. Kristin Kendall-JakusDir. of Ins.Stu.Serv.& Assessmentkkendall-jakus@iroquoiscsd.org
Dr. Dean L. RamirezHigh School Principaldramirez@iroquoiscsd.org
Mr. Douglas BeetowHigh School Assistant Principaldbeetow@iroquoiscsd.org
Mr. Antonio Perry
High School Assistant Principalaperry@iroquoiscsd.org  
Mr. Ross EsslingerMiddle School Principalresslinger@iroquoiscsd.org
Mr. Patrick O'BrienMiddle School Assistant Principalpobrien@iroquoiscsd.org
Mrs. Darcy Walker      Elma Primary School Principal   dwalker@iroquoiscsd.org
Mrs. Amy StanfieldMarilla Primary School Principalastanfield@iroquoiscsd.org  
Mrs. Kim MorrisonWales Primary School Principalkmorrison@iroquoiscsd.org
Mr. David Carlin   Supt. of Buildings & Groundsdcarlin@iroquoiscsd.org
Mr. Eric NagelTransportation Supervisorenagel@iroquoiscsd.org
Mrs. Cindy SadowskiDistrict Clerk/Asst. to Superintendent csadowski@iroquoiscsd.org
Mr. Charles SpechtBoard of Education cspecht@iroquoiscsd.org
Mr. David Lowrey Board of Education dlowrey@iroquoiscsd.org
Mrs. Jane Sullivan 
Board of Educationjsullivan1@iroquoiscsd.org
Mrs. Michele Hovey   Board of Educationmhovey@iroquoiscsd.org
Mr. Daniel BehlmaierBoard of Educationdbehlmaier@iroquoiscsd.org

Mrs.Sharon Szeglowski 

Board of Educationsszeglowski@iroquoiscsd.org
 Mr. Gunnar Haberl

Board of Education