What would the Lorax Do?
The following websites are organized by topic. 
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Endangered Species
Animal Diversity Web
Animal information from the University of Michigan.  Warning:  Includes animals that are not endangered, too.
 Discover the world's most endangered species.

A website for the world's endangered species.  Use drop down box to select an animal.

Carribbean Conservation and Sea Turtle Survival League
Learn all about endangered sea turtles and what efforts are being made to save them.
Earth's Endangered Species
Enchanted Learning
Information on several endangered species.
Kids Planet
Fact sheets on more than fifty animals.
Orangutan Conservation  Using Drones
Scientists trying to save the endangered Sumatran orangutan are using a new tool:  drones.
Orangutan Rescue
Pink Dolphin and Chinese Pollution
Red List 
The Red List of Endangered Species
What Do You Call a Rhino with a Pink Horn?  Alive

 World Wildlife Fund
Learn about endangered species
Colony Collapse Disorder
Bring Back the Bees 


Air Quality Now
How is the quality of our air?  Check under local forecasts for New York State.
Buffalo's Dirty Water - Scajaquada Creek

Dirty Secrets
Our seas have become a plastic soup endangering people and animals.  From the PBS series Strange Days on Planet Earth.

Energy; David Suzuki Foundation
The mission of this nonprofit organization is to solve global warming, protect human health, conserve our oceans, and build a sustainable economy.  Learn what is involved in each area and how to take action.

Energy Star Kids
Ways to become more energy efficient.

EPA:  On the Trail of the Missing Ozone
Click on "illustrated panels" to read this online comic book about the whole in the ozone layer and how it affects our climate.
Just for Kids
The City of Oceanside, California hosts this terrific website to explain sources of water pollution.
Great Pacific Garbage Patch
The Pacific Ocean is contaminated by a "plastic soup"  thanks to human littering.  Story is posted on Oprah.com.
Green Guide
National Geographic's excellent guide to living a green life and promoting a healthier Earth.
The Green Squad
 The National Resources Defense Council has suggestions for forming a Green Squad to make sure your school is a healthier environment.
The Nature Conservancy
Scroll down the page to see the latest articles of environmental concern.
Noise Pollution 
Scroll to "Recording the Sounds of Nature's Quietest Places" 
Ocean Cleanup
Check the "Milestones" section and go to the first link from 2013.  The TED talk is helpful.
 Scajaquada Creek Spill
Student Plan to Clean Up Ocean Garbage
Troubled Waters
From PBS Strange Days on Planet Earth special "Troubled Waters."

You Tube - Look What We Are Doing to the Earth
Amazon Tropic Rainforest Photos
Photo links are on the left side of the page.

BBC News America
BBC News article "
Brazil Amazon deforestation soars."

Causes of Deforestation
Articles on deforestation from the World Rainforest Movement
Fading Forests - USA Today
Disappearing forests in the United States.
How Deforestation Works
Slide show all about deforestation.

Kids MongaBay.com
Tropical rainforests website.

National Geographic Deforestation and Desertification
National Geographic's easy to understand deforestation pages.

NASA Earth Observatory
Tropical deforestation article from NASA.

Rash of tiger attacks linked to deforestation
You Tube - Deforestation

Dangerous Catch
The dangers of overfishing and its impact on people and other creatures on our planet.
Environmental Justice Foundation
Discusses bycatch and measures being taken to stop it.  Be sure to use the links under the "EJF Campaigns."
Grinning Planet
An article on overfishing.
How Fisheries Work
An overview of overfishing by National Geographic.
Problem:  Poorly Managed Fishing
Did you know that over a billion people worldwide depend on fish for food?  This article by the World Wildlife Federation explores the problem of overfishing.
Seafood Alliance
International alliance for seafood conservation.
Seafood Watch
Find out more about seafood and the threat of overfishing at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.
Sustainable Fisheries Partnership
Commercial partnerships established to promote sustainable fishing.
Sustainable Seafood                                          
US Turning a Corner in Overfishing
One government agency is optimistic about addressing the problem of overfishing.
You Tube Videos
Just for Fun!

CO2 Bear Minimums - Buffalo Zoo
Washington, DC Eagle Cam 
The Lorax Movie
National Zoo Webcams