Physical Education Medical Assignment

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        Students who are excused from Physical Education for an extended period of time due to a medical excuse are required to complete a writing assignment in place of participation. The criteria for the assignment are listed below and will be graded for PE credit. Follow the directions carefully. Loss of points will occur if the assignment is incomplete or late.


    Find 1 (one) article on fitness, nutrition, environmental issues, illnesses/diseases, and/or drugs from the Buffalo News for each day that you are excused from PE. Follow the directions listed below:

                - the article should be attached to this piece of paper.

                - make sure that you have the complete article. If it is continued on another page include that also.  A partial article will receive partial credit.

                - a summary of the article in the student’s own words (any copying results in a zero).

                - do not use editorials, Q & A’s, advice columns, mini articles, recipes, or advertisements.

                - articles may ONLY come from the Buffalo News. The library has past editions that you may cut up and use. Copies can also be obtained from your PE teacher.

                - return this sheet with the article and your summary written below at the end of the period (if you need more room use the backside of this paper).