• Welcome to Science Fiction

    Mrs. Hartnett

    Room 224

    Here's what to expect…

    We will be exploring the realm of the science fiction genre through the works of notable authors such as Ray Bradbury, Kurt Vonnegut & George Orwell. Our studies will be in the forms of short stories, novels and film.

    Homework Policy…

    Homework assignments will consist of reading (approx. 15-30 pages), written responses, projects and partner/group work. Also, plan on having a quiz the class day following each reading assignment.

    ***Homework will not be accepted after it is due; therefore a score of zero credit will result in failure to hand work in on time. Consider the deadline as part of the overall grade of the homework assignment.


    If you are ill and unable to come to class, e-mail it to me: ahartnett@iroquoiscsd.org

    ***Homework is posted daily on the school website.

    With the huge expanse of communication these days, there is no excuse to not have work handed in on time. So text, e-mail, or phone a friend, and/or consult the class website when in doubt!!!

    Quiz Policy

    Daily quizzes must be made up by the next class day or you will be given no credit for the quiz. Prior to the close of the marking period, I will drop your lowest quiz grade.

    Class rules…

    Very simply:

    v Be on time- in class before the bell rings

    v Be prepared*

    v Be productive- participating with class activities, discussion, & handing in homework on time

    v Be RESPECTFUL- to me, your fellow classmates, and yourself

    v Be mindful of the environment- conserve paper and use the designated recycle bins in classroom

    Failure to comply with these rules will result in the appropriate consequence. (You're seniors, you know what's up!)

    *This is what you'll need….

    Bring with you to class everyday the following:

    1. blue or black pen

    2. college ruled paper/notebook

    3. binder or folder clearly devoted to this class

    4. homework

    Your grade…

    Your grade will be based on timely completion of assignments, effort, class productivity, participation tests and quizzes.

    Senior Thesis…

    For those who are in need of completing the required Senior Thesis, an assignment will be made available to you.


    To avoid senseless waste of our precious paper resources, you will be granted an additional 3 points on any computer or hand written assignment that is presented on already printed paper. (The computer lab (room 216) and my classroom have an abundant supply of this paper). This includes any pre-writing, rough drafts and/or final drafts. Be responsible and active towards lessening your carbon footprint!!!


    If you find yourself needing extra help, I am available everyday before, during and after school. However, if there is a time that is not compatible with your schedule, you may want to utilize the Academic Center in room 138. Remember, this is YOUR education; get the most out of it!!!