Supply List

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    Kindergarten Grade Supply List


                 (Universal Kindergarten Supply List)

  • Below is a complete list of supplies that your child will need for our kindergarten class.  Please write your child’s name in permanent marker on each item (for markers and crayons, it is helpful to label each one with child’s name with a marker, as these items often get misplaced in the room).



    ·       4 boxes of crayons- 24 Crayola crayons *

    ·    1 box of Crayola markers- classic colors (thick style works best)*

    ·       1 sturdy plastic folder (bottom, not side pockets)

    ·     4 large glue sticks - the small ones do not last as long or work as well as the large ones*

    ·    3- 4oz bottle of Elmers Glue All*

    ·    1 pair children’s scissors (Fiskars brand blunt edge recommended)*

    ·    2 black Expo dry erase markers-low odor (not Crayola brand please, as they do not erase)*

    ·    1 pink pearl type eraser

    •  1 pair of headphones for personal use (over ear headphones preferred)*
    • 1 large box of tissues

    ·       1 box of gallon sized zip-loc bags GIRLS ONLY                       

    ·       1 box of sandwich or quart size zip-loc bags BOYS ONLY

    ·       1 package of disinfecting, hand or baby wipes

    ·       1 reusable water bottle (Please send this the first day of school)

    ·       1 large, sturdy, cloth backpack.  No rolling backpacks, please.

    ·       1 spare set of clothing: (shirt, socks, pants, underpants) labeled with name in a zip-loc bag.

    ·       1 small shoe box to store extra clothes


    **PLEASE NOTE-Your child will need to wear or bring sneakers to school each day, as these are needed for gym and outside play.  We will go outside to play everyday, unless the weather is unfavorable.  Please dress your child accordingly for outdoor play.  You may send an extra sweatshirt for your child to keep in his/her cubby.**