• Thank you for being prepared for art this school year.
    Supplies are needed if we are back to school physically or virtually.  Keep in mind, I have colored pencils, acrylic paints, clay, and paintbrushes for in-school art projects.  However, if we are virtual artists, I encourage everybody to be as creative as possible.  There is no wrong with how a work of art is created. Craftsmanship and creativity is the key to being a unique artist.   
    Sketchbook at least 8" x 10"  for art projects (to be used throughout  5th-8th grade).  Use coupons from your local craft store. 
    Your art projects will consist of homework sketches in addition to creating final works of art using the following art materials.  
    Place all materials in a labeled zip lock bag or place the materials in a container of choice.  I place my art materials in an old metal container with materials in ziplock and cosmetic bags.  
    No. 2  Pencils  
    Pencil Sharpener
    "Ultra FINE" black Sharpie Marker 
    "Fine Point" black Sharpie Marker
    Flattened small (washed)rock that fits in your hand. 
    Rounded (washed)rock that fits in the palm of your hand. (Animal Painting) 
    Detergent lid or small container with a lid for water.  Be creative. 
    Recycle the following art supplies from past school years.   I still use the same art materials I purchased years ago.  I use the same art sketchbook for class.
    No need to purchase new materials if you already have the following.
    Old black sharpies (best for lightly shading if semi-dried out) 
    Colored Pencils 
    A variety of old Crayola colored markers to use as watercolors.
                   *Markers will work even if the ink is almost dried.  
    Thin tip paintbrush(s)
    Watercolor paints if you have them.  No worries if you do not have watercolor paints at home. When we are in the art room we will be using the classroom watercolor paints.  
     In addition to the above, 6th grade students need a plastic (non-refundable) plastic bottle ( Ex. Gatorade / Dawn) for a Canopic Jar project along with other recyclable materials (plastic cup, bottle caps, newspaper, tape, additional bottles, cardboard, paper cups, etc).   Place the materials in a bag and stowed away at home until we start the Canopic Jar 3-D Project.  6th Grade Social Studies Curriculum consists of learning the Egyptian Culture.  
    Any questions or concerns, please email me.