• We are all in this together.  You might be thinking, purchasing new materials for my child every year does not make sense especially when materials still work perfectly.  I agree.  I recycle my materials for my own personal use every year.   I encourage you to do the same.  If we are virtual learners, it is reasonable to use the same materials as recommended by your child's classroom teacher.  May I recommend your child help gather the materials even if they help label and organize.

    Just as a precautionary measure, children may be bringing their own pencils, crayons, colored pencils, and markers back and forth to the art class.   School funded art materials are available to be used in art class only if approved by the CDC and Iroquois.

     Thank you for labeling all materials and stowing them in a labeled ziplock bag or anything you feel fit.  Be creative.

    The following basic materials will be appreciated if we are virtual learners/artists.

    Paper or a sketchbook.  The Dollar Tree has one dollar sketchbooks as well as at your local craft store.  The Craft store Apps have coupons.  Copy paper is also sufficient.

    Sharpened Pencils


    Pencil sharpener


    Sharpened Colored Pencils

    Markers even if they are semi-dried out.  

    Sharpie Marker




    Plastic mat or tablecloth for workspace.  I organize my art materials neatly in recyclable containers.   

     Thank you!