Dear Parents or Guardians:



                At the start of this school year, please allow me to introduce myself as your child’s Geometry teacher.  My main concern is to help your child achieve to the best of his/her ability.


                To attain this goal, I strongly recommend that your child review and study his/her class notes daily in addition to completing regular assignments (given almost every class).


                Each class is told that I am willing to help them in any way I can.  However, I will generally expect the student to take initiative to ask for help when needed, as I feel it is important for students to take some responsibility for their education.  New York State’s graduation requirements require students to pass the Geometry Common Core Regents Exam and class in order to earn an Advanced Regents Diploma.  Your son or daughter should seek help immediately when needed, so they won’t fall very far behind.  Please remind them that they should ask for extra help as soon as they are struggling with a topic.


                Attached to this letter is a letter to the students explaining classroom rules and procedures so that they are aware of what will be expected of them in class(in school and virtually). 


                If you have any questions or concerns at any time during the school year, please call me at 652 – 3000, ext. 7130 and leave a message.  I will return your call promptly.  You can also email me at amy_addesa@iroquoiscsd.org.  Thank you for your anticipated cooperation in helping your child have a successful school year.




    Ms. Amy Addesa


    Dear Students:


                In order to perform well in Geometry, I would like you to be aware of my classroom policies and procedures.

                Students are required to be in class on time.  They should come prepared with the necessary items that will make the class most productive.




    Online Textbook:                    E-math instruction, Packet of Graph Paper, Durable Compass, 3-Ring Binder

    Writing Instrument:                Pen, Pencil, Stylus

    Calculator:                               TI – 84 Plus Graphing Calculator (will be required for all math courses and is allowed to be used on the Common Core Exam).




                                              Testing represents 50% of the quarter average.  Tests are cumulative in nature, which will be beneficial to the student.  Each student should review old material when he/she is preparing for a test.

                                              The Geometry Common Core Exam will be given in June.  The students must pass this exam in order to receive an Advanced Regents Diploma.


                                  Quizzes and Homework


                                              Quizzes will represent 25% of the quarterly average.  They are given as take-home quizzes and must be turned in on there due date in order to receive credit. Any student not turning in a quiz at the beginning of class will earn a grade of zero on that quiz.  Homework will represent 25%.  Homework will be given and checked daily.  Assignments do not necessarily have to be 100% correct, but should be complete and well organized.  Homework assignments will be worth 5 points each.  One point will be deducted for:

    1. Missing assignment number
    2. Overall appearance of assignment (work must be readable, numbered, in order, and complete.)


    LATE ASSIGNMENTS are any assignments that are not completed at the start of class (this includes work left in locker or at home).  If an assignment is not completed on the due date, you have until the next class to complete it.  Three points will be deducted for these assignments. 

    All late assignments must be completed by the next day to receive PARTIAL credit.


    If you are absent, YOU will be expected to complete the missing assignments and hand them in within a few days of your return to school.  I will not remind you of that responsibility.



    QUALITY WORK contains the following:

    1. Assignment number written on top
    2. Problems numbered and in order
    3. Problems are legible
    4. Work is shown in a step by step process
    5. Diagrams are labeled and marked





                Students are responsible for making up notes and assignments.  Check the Homework chart on the side board for the assignment numbers that were given on the day you were absent.  If you are absent for a test or quiz it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to request a suitable time for the make up test.  If you fail to make those arrangements you will receive a ZERO on that test or quiz.


    Final Exam

                The final exam for Geometry is the Common Core Geometry Regents Exam. 


    Final Grade

                The final grade for the course will be determined by calculating the average of the 4 quarterly grades and the Common Core Regents Exam.