Welcome to Iroquois High School Bookstore
    TI-83 Plus Calculator Rental   
    The HS Bookstore rents TI-83 Plus Calculators to our students.
    Stop in the Bookstore to receive a Rental Agreement Form, or print it here ~ Calculator Rental Form
    fill it out/sign and have a parent sign the form.  Bring it back to the Bookstore with $5 cash or check
    made out to Iroquois Bookstore and you will be assigned a calculator.
    Virtual Students:  Print the form, fill it out/sign, have a parent sign the form. 
    You must send me an email when you plan to stop into the school so I can assign a calculator to you. 
    You will go to the HS Foyer to leave the form & payment with Mrs. Healy and pick up your assigned calculator there.
    Mrs. Healy has a window/drawer so you do not need to come into the Office.
    The calculator is assigned to you for the year, it must be returned after exams at the end of the year or there is a $99.00 replacement fee.
    To place an order or any questions:
     Sue Czech
    Iroquois High School Bookstore
    652-3000 x7112
Last Modified on September 23, 2020