• English 10R



    English 10R focuses on the development of communication skills, both written and oral, through the study of classic and contemporary short stories, novels, nonfiction, drama, poetry, research, and vocabulary.  English 10R develops and enhances skills necessary for achieving success with the learning standards at commencement level.  10R students will continue preparation for the 11th grade ELA Regents Examination by completing parallel tasks. 





    A.   FICTION: study and application of literary elements and techniques

                         1.   Short Story Unit: reading selections from literature book
                         2.   Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451

    B.   NONFICTION: study and application of literary elements; overview of the mass media

                         1.      Selection of essays, articles, and narratives
                         2.      Elie Wiesel, Night
                         3.      Research paper
    C.     DRAMA:  study and application of dramatic elements
                         1.      The Greek Theater:  Sophocles, Antigone
                         2.      Shakespearean Theater:  William Shakespeare, Macbeth
                         3.   Contemporary Theater: Wilder, Our Town

    D.     POETRY:  study and application of poetic devices and figurative language

                         1.      Lyric and narrative selections
                         2.      Student samples

    E.   VOCABULARY:  study and application of new words

                         1.   10 units of 20 words from Vocabulary Workshop Level E 
                         2.   new words from literary selections
    F.   WRITING:critical and analytical writing with a focus on MDOLC
                         1.   The writing process
                         2.   Development of the paragraph (narrative, descriptive, persuasive, and expository modes)
                         3.   Composition of the literary essay
                         4.   ELA Common Core Exam  preparation
    G.   FINAL EXAMINATION:  cumulative; administered in June
                         1.   Contains coursework, reading comprehension,  and vocabulary
                         2.   Two parts: objective and essay


                         1.   Correlation with class research projects
                         2.   Special Events and guest speakers