Mass Notification E-Mail, Phone and Text Notifications

  • NOTIFICATION SIGNUP: Sometimes it's necessary for the District to contact parents, students, staff or community members with an important message. From weather-related annoucements or schedule changes to extreme emergencies or crisis situations, the Iroquois Central School District relies on Blackboard's Mass Notification system to contact thousands of parents, students, staff, and community members securely within minutes.

    In order to provide the best communication between parents and students, we request that you update your phone number and email in our student information system via the Parent Portal. Staff members must communicate contact information changes directly through Human Resources.

    Community members can sign up to get the latest ICSD news by phone, text or email below. When you register you'll get:

    • The latest news and information from the Iroquois School District and our schools
    • Important notifications like emergency alerts, school closures, and early releases
    • You don't need to register if you are the parent/guardian of a current student or a current employee. You're already in the system!

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Opt Out

  • Users can opt out of:

    • Phone calls: Call the Blackboard Phone Hotline at 855-502-STOP (855-502-7867) using the phone you want to opt out from.
    • Text (SMS) Messages: Reply STOP to any Blackboard system text or to 60680 for non-emergency messages. Reply STOP to 54968 to opt out of emergency messages.
    • Emails: Click the unsubscribe link from any message they receive

    Users can opt back into:

    • Phone calls: Call the Blackboard Phone Hotline at 855-502-STOP (855-502-7867) from the phone line that has been opted out.
    • Text (SMS) Messages: Reply START to 60680 from the phone line that has been opted out of non-emergency messages. Reply START to 54968 for emergency messages.