•  English 9R
    English 9R stresses the development of written and oral communication skills, critical thinking, analysis, reading comprehension, research, and vocabulary. The coursework is aligned with the NYS ELA Standards of Learning and begins to prepare students for the 11th grade ELA Regents Common Core Examination.
             1. SHORT STORY UNIT: study and application of literary elements and techniques
                    - reading selections from Prentice Hall Literature Gold
             2. THE NOVEL: study and application of literary elements and techniques
                    - Lord of the Flies by William Golding
                   - The Pigman by Paul Zindel
    B. NONFICTION: study and application of literary elements of nonfiction writing
                    - Classic and contemporary reading selections
                    - Research and presentation
    C. DRAMA: study and application of dramatic elements
                 1.  CONTEMPORARY THEATER
                             - The Miracle Worker
                 2.   SHAKESPEARE: a study of the life and times of Shakespeare
                             - The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet
    D. POETRY: study and application of poetic devices
                  - Lyric and narrative selections from Prentice Hall Gold
    E. VOCABULARY: study and application of new words
                  - 15 units of 20 words from Vocabulary Workshop Level D
                  - New words in literature
    F. WRITING: critical and analytical writing with a focus on development (of ideas), organization, language use,
                           and conventions of standard written English
                  - Paragraph responses/short answer responses/journal response
                  - Literary essays
                  - ELA Regents Exam Common Core Exam Preparation
    G. FINAL EXAMINATION: a 40 week cumulative evaluation of coursework and skills
                    - Contains coursework, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and writing