• Addressing Concerns about Speech & Language
    Students can be referred to the Committee on Special Education by teachers, parents, or selves if they have concerns that there may be a speech or language deficit impacting the ability to achieve their full academic potential. To clarify, Speech = how you produce the sounds you use to create the words you say; Language =  how you communicate/express your message (expressive language) and how you understand, interpret, and use the information you hear (receptive language). I also work with pragmatic language, which involves those components beyond the words that help/impact social interactions, such as facial expressions, body language, intonation, audience, status, setting, turn taking, and others.
    A phone call to discuss concerns with your child's teacher, case manager, or guidance counselor can begin the process, and interventions to put in place within the classroom setting can be developed.  Student response to interventions will be monitored and evaluated, and a determination will be made if applied interventions are sufficient to address a student's needs or if further assessment is necessary.  A letter to the Office of Student Services outlining concerns and requesting an evaluation will also initiate the process. 
    An assessment of student skills and abilities can be used to determine needs or to guide recommendations/modifications within the classroom setting.  After assessment is completed, a CSE (Committee on Special Education) meeting will be held. If it is determined that speech and language therapy is necessary to provide support based on established criteria, a recommendation of services will be made, and will either be added to an existing IEP (Individualized Education Plan) or lead to the creation of a new IEP.  While students can be classified with a speech and language impairment, they can receive speech & language services under other classifications as well.  Speech Improvement, or ERSS (Educationally Related Support Services), is also available at some levels.