Grade 9

    Global History & Geography




    Grade 9 begins with the Paleolithic Era and the development of the first civilizations, continues with an examination of classical societies, and traces the expansion of trade networks and their global impact.  The course emphasizes the key themes of interactions over time, shifts in political power, and the role of belief systems.
    • Development of Civilization
    • Belief Systems: Rise and Impact
    • Classical Civilizations
    • Rise of TransRegional Trade Networks
    • Political Powers and Achievements
    • Social and Cultural Growth and Conflict
    • Global Interactions


    1. Regular Attendance and Participation. This course requires a high degree of student participation in discussions, presentations, and projects. *In order to participate, your device must be fully charged EVERY DAY. 

    When you are absent from class, it is your responsibility to obtain any missed assignments or notes. Work that was due the day you were absent is due the day you return.

    2. Homework Assignments. Regular homework assignments will help you to learn new material and will be important preparation for discussions and activities in class. The homework assignments will be graded and will greatly contribute to your overall course grade.  Every Friday you will receive a Checklist which lists the homework assignments that should have been completed during that week.  Once an assignment is listed on the checklist, it will be graded.  After I finish grading an assignment, you may still complete it, but it will only be worth 50%.  You will receive further instructions in Teams on how to receive late credit.

     3. Assessments. Tests will be composed of multiple choice, fill-in short answer, and an essay question.  You can expect a one week notice for tests.  I don't give surprise quizzes.  You will have at least a one day notice for quizzes.  If you are absent the day of a test or quiz, you will be expected to take the test or quiz on the first day back to school.

    4. Writing. A regular part of each unit and each test involves writing. In order to write effectively, we will be working on how to read critically, think analytically, argue persuasively, and write clearly.

    5. Notebooks and Textbooks. You will need to have something in which to keep your Global Studies materials and papers.  You can decide if a 3-ring binder, or folder works best for you.  Whatever you choose, it should be for your Global materials only.  You will be expected to have your materials with you for every class. Textbooks will be kept in the classroom.


    40% Test Average

    30% Homework Average
    15% Class Participation Score

    15% Quiz Average

    Extra Credit Opportunity – Bring in a box of tissues and I will add one point to your final average at the end of the first marking period. Limit one box per student!!