Academic Improvement Planning

    Includes the development of a plan of study, placement into appropriate courses and programs, attendance improvement, and study skills development.


    Personal/Social Growth

    Includes counseling concerning self-esteem, communication skills and positive decision making


    Crisis Intervention Services

    Includes counseling students in crisis e.g. suicide prevention, child abuse prevention, and provide follow up services as appropriate. 


    Transitional Services

    Orients students as they move from grade to grade as well as from school building to building to provide a comfortable and successful learning environment. 


    Parent Support

    Includes individual conferences and group meetings with parents centered on the academic and personal growth of their children.  This also includes the referral of the students and parents to appropriate services.


    Teacher Support

    Assists teachers in enhancing the learning capabilities of each student entrusted to their care.


    Career Planning

    Increases students’ awareness of the careers and the educational planning and process, as well as the individual careers themselves, and instills in students the values and attitudes necessary for success.



    Includes serving as a reference on student and school issues for the school psychologist, teachers and community, as well as for local and state agencies, mental health offices/clinics and other professionals.