• Directions: For each article write a response of two paragraphs.  Each paragraph should be no less than 4 solid sentences.  In your first paragraph you should summarize the article, showing that you have read and comprehend it.  Your second paragraph should focus on how the issue effects the economy, what individuals are most effected, and the potential impacts.  You may also wish to make connections between the article and topics that we have discussed in class.

    Article 1 - Toy Recall Impacts How U.S. Companies Do Business in China


    Article 2 - U.S. Carmakers Restructure to Stay Alive


    Article 3 - Young People Taking on More Debt


    Article 4 - Flood of Clothing from China Worries U.S. Government and Workers


    Article 5 - Organic Food Fight
    For Articles 6-10, find your own article from the newspaper or Internet that discusses the following listed topics.  Articles must come from a reliable source; The Buffalo News, USA Today, and Google News are good places to start.
    Article 6 - Presidential Election Economics - Where do the candidates stand on the issues?
    Article 7 - Wall Street
    Article 8 - Saving the Big 3: The American Auto Industry
    Article 9 - Holiday Spending - Its impact on the economy