Response To Intervention  (RTI) is a program that allows students to develop stronger reading, writing  and/or math skills.  Students have the opportunity to work in smaller group settings, review for upcoming assessments, receive academic assistance and utilize time to ask questions about concepts that are challenging or confusing.  These skills are vital tools in a successful academic career.  Our goal is to allow each student the opportunity to be confident in his or her abilities and embrace strategies that will be useful outside of the RTI classroom.
    Resource Room is a class for students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs).  The Resource Room is designed to support the specific goals on a student's IEP. Your child will work in a small group setting to reinforce goals such as reading, writing and math  that will better enable your child to comprehend and participate in common core classes. Progress updates on goals will be sent home every 10 weeks.
    Students are expected to follow the four P's....
    Be Prompt
    Be Polite
    Be Prepared
    Be Productive
    1. Verbal Warning
    2. Seat Change
    3. Conference in hall
    4. Referral and a phone call home