• Course:                     Lifeskills 6


    Instructor:                      Mrs. Dobinski


    Goal:                              This course is designed to meet the N.Y. State Learning

                                          Standards for Health and Family and Consumer Science:


    ¨      Students will have the necessary knowledge and skills

    to establish and maintain physical fitness, participate

    in physical activity and maintain physical health.


    ¨      Students will acquire the knowledge and ability

    necessary to create and maintain a safe and healthy



    ¨      Students will understand and be able to manage their

    personal and community resources.


    Supplies:                  Individual three ring binder with dividers, pen, pencil

                                          paper and occasionally crayons and markers


    Topics:                           I.   Decision Making and Development

                                          II.  Home Safety and Organization

                                          III. Personal Care

                                          IV. Nutrition and Food Preparation

    V.  Environmental Health


    Assignments:                 All work is expected to be completed on time.  Check the

                                          homework hotline if you are absent.


                                          Grading will be based on tests, quizzes, class work,

                                          homework and binder organization.