• Homework/Assignment Policy
    Work that is done outside of the classroom gives you a chance to review and practice concepts discussed in class, while emphasizing student responsibility.  This practice is an important part of your learning.

    ·       You are expected to write all homework assignments into your agenda at the beginning of the class on Monday (or the first day we meet that week). All homework assignments will be posted on the side white board and on the Roosevelt Team homework webpage.

    ·      Most homework assignments are graded on a 5 point scale based on completion of the assignment and degree of effort. Several homework assignments will be collected and formally corrected, and other assignments may be reviewed and self-corrected by you during class.

    ·      You will receive a “0” for a late or incomplete homework assignment, but you do have the opportunity to earn back partial credit for completing the assignment correctly within 2 class periods of the original due date.