• Grading Policy

    This is a high school credit course. You must pass the exam at the end of the year to receive high school credit. Otherwise, you must retake the course in 9th grade.

    Here is a breakdown of  assignments given. 

    * Tests and quizzes (Includes listening quizzes, vocabulary quizzes and unit tests)

    * Homework:

    Homework is graded on the following scale:

    5: completed, neat and on time

    3: late

    1: incomplete, sloppy

    0: no homework

    Any homework assignment that receives a 1 or 0 can be redone/completed and handed in to receive a 2.

    *Projects: Any project handed in after the due date will start at a grade of half of the original points.

    *Writing (writing notes in Spanish about the topic being studied) 20 points each.

    *Dialogues 10 points each

    *Class participation: 10 points every quarter.