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    This class is an introduction to the Art of Classical Foil Fencing. Students will learn how to defend, move, and attack using the basic fencing weapon - the foil - in the Classical French style. It is a relaxed workout coupled with exposure to the historical origins of this exciting martial art! Great for developing physical agility and mental focus, fencing is also FUN! Fencing develops better eye-hand coordination, physical agility, grace, and balance, while promoting cardiovascular fitness and increased confidence and self-esteem. All equipment and instruction provided. Please wear sneakers and comfortable clothing for class. NO DISCOUNTS OR REFUNDS. Classes held off-site. 
    MIXED (Ages 10-ADULT)
    Course #S21-Fence1
    Start Date: May 1st (6 weeks)
    Time: 1:00pm-2:30pm
    Fee: $100.00
    MIXED (Ages 7-9)
    Course #S21-Fence2
    Start Date: May 1st (4 weeks)
    Time: 10:00am-11:00am
    Fee: $75.00
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    Fee:     As noted per course selection above
     (NO Discounts or Refunds, NO Exceptions!)
    Location:  Fencing Center of Buffalo, 485 Cayuga Rd., Cheektowaga
    Parking: Near or behind ALL IN SPORTS Use either MAIN entrance or entrance "B" and follow the FCB signs!

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