Sketchbook assignments are used as a very important tool for development of ideas, skills and assignments.
    • All students will need to have a sketchbook for their art class. Standard sketchbook will be issued. Students should bring their sketchbook to art class every class they come to along with their laptop. (Another necessary tool for art class).
    • All assignemnts conform to The NYS Standards for The Arts 2021.
    • All students enrolled in Studio in Art Class, Advanced Drawing and Painting 1/2, and Interior Design will receive a syllabus at the beginning of their course which will outline their expected assignments with due dates.
    • Sketchbooks should be thought of as a necessary tool for brainstorming ideas, creating preliminary sketches for projects, telling stories, journaling, adding photo's to, experimenting with various types of art media(paint, pencil, chalk, etc.).
    • Most sketch assignments will have a weight of 10 pts. unless stated specifically. Often more lengthy assignments will have a greater point weight attached. Typically anywhere from 10-50 pts. (Again will be stated).
    • Encourage your student to use their sketchbook as much as possible. Students challenge yourselves to work with various materials of ineterst in yopur sketchbook!

           As always if you have any questions about assignments , PLEASE email  lschuman@iroquoiscsd.org with your questions or concerns! Have fun!