Professional singer, voice teacher and holistic health practitioner, Jesse Wicher, will share with you the wonderful life-lessons he has learned through the study of singing. Through lectures and examples, you will explore with him the profound relationship between the breath, body and voice, and personal growth. Highlights include: "Singing with your own voice," "Getting out of the way," and "Letting go of judgments." This engaging one-evening course is perfect for singers, artists, and anyone wishing to create more freedom and joy in their life - NO SINGING REQUIRED! Come learn what good singing can teach you about good living! Classes held online via Zoom

    Course #WS23-SGAS
    Date: Monday, March 20th
    Time: 6:30-9:00pm
    Fee: $35.00
    Location: This class is 100% online using Zoom. Receive a unique Zoom link invitation upon registration.

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    Learning to sing over the internet is FUN and EASY! Come bring greater enjoyment and satisfaction to your singing by building  on the basics of breath support, tonal focus and musicianship. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced musician, this class will help you get to the next level of your art. Just bring your enthusiasm and a piece of music you love to sing! Classes are open to all ages!

    Lessons are 30 minutes of private instruction.

    5 week session—flexible scheduling!

    Introductory price for Community Ed:

    $110 for 5 lessons

    **Online singing lessons can be conducted using a computer, tablet or smartphone via Skype, Zoom and most other live chat platforms.

     Call 821-1404 or email directly for additional information and to register.


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