Grade 8 & Algebra

    Grading Policy/Rationale



    grade book


    Students’ averages will be determined based on their performance on several quizzes given throughout a marking period, unit tests (1-2 per quarter), occasional projects, and a final homework average per quarter. Quizzes can range anywhere from approximately 10-50 points. Most of the  unit tests will be worth 100 points, and homework will also be worth 100 points. (Homework is checked daily and if completed students earn a plus, if not they earn a minus. The number of completed assignments is then divided by the total number of given assignments to then give a quarterly homework average). On occasion homework will be collected and given a numerical grade, equivalent to a quiz grade. Final averages are calculated by dividing the number of points earned by the total possible points for the quarter.



              In my content area, I feel that homework is important because it allows the students to practice the skills they learned in class. I check daily assignments for completeness – did the student demonstrate effort with the homework. If so they do earn full credit for the daily assignment. On occasion I will also give a graded assignment to check for understanding before giving a test or quiz. I also feel that it is important to access student understanding by giving several short quizzes during a unit followed by a unit test. Quizzes provide beneficial information as to what concepts need to be further reviewed before the unit test/moving on to the next concept. Since students excel in different areas, I feel that it is important to use these various categories when calculating their final averages.