• Statement of Local Objectives

    *Educational success is predicated on the presence of students in the classroom.

    *The educational programs offered by the District require continuity of instruction and classroom participation.

    *Students need interaction with their peers in a well-planned classroom that offers instructional activity under the tutelage of a competent teacher.

    *Absence from a classroom has a highly adverse effect on students and the entire educational program.

    All students are expected to attend classes on a regular basis in accordance with the provisions of Education Law related to school attendance.

    Attendance Terms/Definitions:

    Excused Absence – This absence is due to personal illness, death or illness in the family, court appearance, religious observance, quarantine, attendance at a health clinic, administrative discretion or doctor’s appointments.

    Unexcused Absence – The parent or guardian is aware of the reason for the student’s absence or tardiness. The reason for the absence or tardiness is not one of those listed as excused or truancy. Vacations taken by families at times other than the regularly scheduled recess breaks by the school district calendar are considered as illegal absences.

    Truancy – The parent or guardian sends the student to school, attempts to get the student to school, expects the student to be in school, but the student misses all or part to the day.

    Tardiness – A student who reports to school after 8:06 is considered tardy and must report to the High School Office for a re-admit slip.

    Suspension – Days of suspension shall be counted as absences in the application of this policy.