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    Physical Education Grading Policy and Expectations


        At the high school, you are required to take and pass (with a 65) two 20 week sections of Physical Education.  Each Section is worth .25 credit.  In order to graduate you must successfully complete 4 years and earn 2 full credits of Physical Education.  During each 10 week marking period you will participate in multiple units. The length of the unit will vary based on the activity. Each class is worth a possible 7 possible. The total number of points you earn will be converted to a %.  The two (2) 10 week grades will be averaged together for your final average in Physical Education.  Your PE grade will be averaged into your GPA.


    EACH PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLASS IS WORTH 7 POINTS based on the following rubrics:


         4-    EFFORT- The student…

                 4-  fully commits to individual, group, fitness or skill building activities with energy and enthusiasm

                 3-  will usually engage in individual, group, fitness or skill building activities energetically and enthusiastically

                 2-  on few occasions will engage in individual, group, fitness or skill building activities energetically, enthusiastically, or with a respect for hard work.

                 1-  rarely engages  in individual, group, fitness or skill building activities energetically, enthusiastically or with a respect for hard work

                 0-  does not engage in individual, group, fitness or skill building activities energetically, enthusiastically or with a respect for hard work


         3-     COOPERATION -The student…

                 3-  fully prepared for weather/activity, always works with teachers and classmates, always respectful

                 2-  not completely prepared for weather/activity, usually works with others, usually respectful

                 1-  partially prepared for weather/activity, occasionally works with others in a positive way, rarely respectful

                 0-  not prepared for weather/activity, fails to work with others, disrespectful

    ANY missed physical education classes, for ANY reason (excused or unexcused) will result in the loss of 7 points off your grade for that unit. To receive lost points, the class must be “made-up.”

     Make-up procedures for excused absences and unprepareds-  (Unexcused May not be Made up)


    1. Actively participate in a physical education class during a study hall.                                                                                                                                                               A.Sign the back of the office door of the teacher whose class/activity you missed. It is your responsibility to do this correcly or come to PE office and inform your PE teacher    that you made the class up so the teacher can put it in the portal.                                                                                                                                                               B. students need to get a pass from the PE teacher for their study hall teacher before the class period.                                                                                                       C.  students may be denied access due to number of students in make up class or because of the activity.Work out in the fitness center after school for 45 minutes keeping a log of work out routine. Log must be signed by supervisor of fitness center and left on the table by the door.            
    1. the same grading rubric applies.
    2. student must sign in the fitness center by 3:00 pm or have a pass from teacher/principal to verify whereabouts.

    * BOTH options must be completed within 6 school days of missed class (1 cycle)*

    * MAKE-UP OPPORTUNITIES FOR “UNEXCUSED” ABSENCES An unexcused absence may not be made up.



      - NO JEWELRY is to be worn in Physical Education. Fresh piercings can be taped with medical tape until they can be removed . Students shall provide the tape- not the PE teacher or the school nurse. ALL other jewelry is to be removed for class. Once class has started, any student found wearing jewelry will be marked unprepared.

      - Students are expected to attend their scheduled PE class. You will not be allowed to habitually miss your scheduled class and make it up during other class days and periods.

      - Appropriate attire includes: sneakers that are tied, no spaghetti strap tank tops, no shirts with alcohol, tobacco, profanity or inappropriate slogans, shorts worn at the waist (no underwear showing, no rolling the waist band) and no clothing that was worn to school (including uniforms).

      - It is the responsibility of the student to be prepared to go outside. We will go out until it snows!!!

      - Students are expected to arrive to Physical Education on time. If you arrive after the bell has rung you will be expected to provide your teacher with a pass- be advised!

      - Cell phones/electronics are not to be brought into the gym/activity. They will be confiscated and taken to the office. If seen in class, student will receive no points for the class.

      - Athletes must participate in their scheduled PE class. If you do not- you may not attend practice or game that day. Also- no parts of school issued uniforms are to be worn in PE.

      - Students who are physically unable to participate in PE and submit a medical excuse (to the nurse) from legitimate medical personnel will be expected to complete written work for PE credit. Short term (1-4 days) will be assigned a Sportfolio (sport related article + questions). Long term (5+ days) will be assigned a research based assignment that student will complete in library or computer lab during PE class. Students on a medical MUST report to teacher every class for attendance purposes.

      -Students are strongly encouraged to bring in a lock to secure personal items during PE class. Please leave all valuables in your hall locker.



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