• Mrs. Bartholomew

    As a teacher...
    I provide a warm and creatively stimulating environment for all students. My classroom is student centered, and co-directed. I rely on student assistance whenever possible and appropriate. As the teacher I direct by setting expectations, structure, and a reward system. I stimulate creativity by providing choices and individualized instruction. I encourage my students to take risks in the safe environment of my classroom. I use a combination of activities and techniques in my teaching to accommodate all learners.

    I help my students discover their talents while working to strengthen their weaker areas. I feel students should be given freedom to sharpen and actualize their ability and pursue their interests. I believe all children are born with gifts. It is essential for children to be given opportunities and experiences to discover and nurture their talents; they can be used as a source of self-confidence. In my classroom children can grow as individuals


    - New York State Permanent N-6 Certificate received in February 2008.
    - Permanent Certification in Gifted & Talented (February 2008).

    - Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Canisius College, February 2003.
    - August 2005 Master of Science in Creative Studies and Change Leadership with an extension in Gifted and Talented Education from Buffalo State College.