• Please use these questions to help your child show his/her knowledge of books they have read.  These questions can be used with any fictional text and you don't necessarily have to have read the book.
    1.  Who is the main character of the story?
    2.  Does the main character have any friends?
    3.  What's your favorite part of the chapter or book?
    4.  Describe your favorite character?
    5.  Where do you think the story takes place?  Why do you think that?
    6.  When do you think the takes place?  Why do you think that?
    7.  What is the funniest/scariest/saddest/best/ part of the story? (please choose what fits best for your child's book)
    8.  Is there a problem in the story?  What is it?  How does the problem get solved?
    9.  Would any of your friends enjoy this book?  Why or why not?
    10.  Could you come up with another good title for this book?  What would it be?