One of the best things you can do to assist your children with reading is to engage them in talking about the books they read.  Talking stimulates language development and helps children improve their comprehension.
         As you get ready to share a book with your child, you might ask your child to talk about the cover, the title, and a few of the pictures in the book.  This "before-reading" conversation will help your child to build the expectation that stories make sense.  This is also a good time to help your child connect personal experiences to the reading.  If there is a picture showing a picnic, for example, this would be a perfect time to talk with your child about a picnic you enjoyed together.
         You can also invite your child into conversation during the reading by stopping now and then to ask, "What might happen next?"
         As you know, children love to share their opinions.  After reading, you might get your child started with questions such as:
                  *  What did you notice
              *  What did you like?
              *  How did it make you feel?
              *  What did you think about...
              *  What makes you say that?
              *  Did this remind you of any experiences you
                 have had?
              *  Does this remind you of any other stories?
              *  What parts of the story were your favorites?
         Just choose one or two questions so that it feels like conversation instead of a test.  HAPPY READING!!!!!!