• What to do to prepare for 4th grade
    Fourth grade is a big step.  There are high expectations for independent work.  There will be tests to study for.  Many children are ready for the responsibility that comes with being a fourth grader.  By taking the responsibility to prepare for this large change, you can ensure that it will be a smooth transition.
    Here are some things you can do to make your change to fourth grade as successful as possible.
    Read every day.
     I know it's summer.  That's a perfect time to find a cool spot and get involved in a good book.  Visit the library and talk to friends to find books that you enjoy that are just right for you.  Check out the link "How to find great books" from my webpage for more suggestions about great books.  
    Practice your math facts. 
    Fourth graders should come to school knowing their math facts.  This means addition, subtraction, multiplication and division!  Do yourself a favor by reviewing these facts daily so when you begin fourth grade, you know them automatically.  Visit the "Great Websites for Students" page for links to great sites where you can practice your math facts online.
    Buy your supplies
    Visit the link labeled "School Supplies" for a list of materiels that you will need on the first day of school.  Work with your family to find great deals and buy the items you will need while they are on sale.
    Practice wearing your mask!  We will need to follow many new safety rules.  Getting used to wearing a mask, keeping your distance from others and keeping your hands to yourself will help others and you stay healthy!