• Welcome to Mrs. Harvey's fourth grade class at Elma Primary

        I am looking forward to meeting you in September and working with you during the upcoming school year.  One step toward a successful year is having the proper supplies.  The following is a list of the supplies I would like you to have on the first day of school.  I also expect you to replenish these supplies as needed throughout the school year
    A chapter book that you are currently reading 
    2 red pens
    12 sharpened pencils
    2 low odor black dry erase marker s
    crayons (24)
    colored pencils or markers
    3 highlighters, assorted colors
    1 pair of sharp scissors
    12" ruler (centimeters and inches)
    1 pkg. wide-lined notebook paper
    pencil box (approx. 8"x 6"only)
    ultra-fine black Sharpie
    large pink eraser or a package of pencil top erasers
    2 composition notebooks 
    6 - 2 pocket folders with clips (red, yellow, green, blue, black and purple)
    1 (3) subject notebook
    3- 3 packs of post-it notes (3x3)
    Headphones/earbuds in plastic bag marked with student name
    Last name A-M: roll of paper towels 
    N-Z Sandwich or gallon sized ziploc bags
    Please note: no tissues or glue sticks are needed at this time.  If needed, these will be requested mid-year!
    You should bring all of these items to school on the first day.  I look forward to seeing you then!