Homework is an important piece of your child's academic success.  As a fourth grade student, your child is developing habits that will ensure their success throughout middle and high school.  I know how busy everyday life can be, but please support your child in developing a healthy daily routine for completing homework.  We spend time in class everyday recording assignments and gathering homework materials.  Your child receives many reminders to gather the needed materials so he/she will be able to complete homework at home. 
    Typical daily homework assignments include:
    • Approximately 20 minutes of reading a chapter book
    • Practice Math facts: 4th graders should be fluent in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts.
    • other assignments as needed
    Keep in mind the following ideals:
    • Children will be more successful if there is a consistent place and routine for homework.  Build a homework supply area in your home.  This can be a desk drawer, a basket or a shelf.   Supplies needed at the fourth grade level might include pencils, eraser, lined paper, a dictionary, a ruler, a protractor, glue, colored pencil or crayons.
    • Children should be able to complete most of the homework independently.  If you are finding that your child requires a lot of support, first encourage him/her to attempt the work on their own.  If that isn't possible, support your child as needed but follow up with a note on the paper indicating that your child needed a lot of help.
    • Homework should take approximately 40 minutes a night, including the 20 minutes of reading.  If your child is taking much longer than 40 minutes, help him/her set a minute goal for each assignment.  Set a timer and help your child to be aware of how long each task takes him/her.  Eventually, the time per task should lessen. 
    • Encourage your child to use his/her planner to make sure all assignments are completed and packed for school the following day.  While most fourth graders are capable of checking their planner and packing their own backpack, the child will still need an adult to look over their work, checking for correctness and quality. 
         I believe each child should be using the planner and "take home" folder daily to monitor their assignments.  For that reason, I choose not to post daily assignments on this website.  If a child misses more than four homework assignments in one month, he/she will not be included in our monthly card party.  I discourage you from driving your child back to school to get a missing assignment.  By working together, we can teach your child to be responsible and organized.