Classroom Information

    Blocks that Spell Learn

    • Your child will need a mask while they are at school.  MASKS SHOULD BE CLEAN EACH MORNING!  I also encourage students to come with at least two masks per day as the inside of masks become dirty very quickly with small children. Also, a mask lanyard is strongly suggested! We do take mask breaks and this helps with masks ending up on the floor. 


    • Snack - Each day our class will have a short snack break.  Please send in a ONE healthy snack daily.  Some great healthy ideas are fruit, veggies, cheese sticks, pretzels, animal crackers, etc.  Please do not send any snacks that require a spoon for eating.  Often we are working during snack time and this makes snacks very hard to maneuver.  Healthy snacks are emphasized as they better fuel children and prepare them for learning!
    • Water Bottles - Waterbottles are a must this year! Drinking from the water fountains will be prohibited due to COVID.  Please only send in water! Students will be able to fill water bottles at the classroom sink.    
    • Sneakers - Your child needs sneakers to play on the playground and participate in PE.  When the weather is nice we go outside every day. I encourage students to wear playground appropriate shoes to school as changing shoes multiple times a day can be very time consuming for first graders!  Sneakers that tie are best.  That way your child can practice tying their own shoes while at school.  


    • Birthdays - We do a small celebration for each child's birthday.  You may send in a treat of your choice on your child's birthday. We have 18 students in our class.  OUR CLASSROOM DOES NOT HAVE ANY ALLERGIES!


    • Homework - Other than the suggestion to read nightly with your child, our classroom does not have homework.  Based on extensive reading, I do not believe that nightly homework at such a young age benefits children academically.   Each night your child should be enjoying free time where they can be outside and be creative in their play. 


    • Communication - any notes coming home or returning to school should be placed in your child's take home folder so that I am sure to see them. I check all folders every morning to be sure I get any important notes.  Also, it's important that an adult checks each child's folder every night at home.