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    Students in Kindergarten through Fourth Grade are successful in creating colorful works of art.  These young artists work with a variety of art media and analyze works of art created by famous artists and periods of art.  Artists first learn how to draw the first week in Kindergarten.  Each year scaffolds to the next as they blossom artistically and culturally.  My students learn more than just art and how to draw.  These young artists are exposed through interdisciplinary units of study that reinforce and strengthen their skills. I incorporate math, science, social studies, and literacy throughout each unit of study.  Peer into their world and enjoy the lines, colors, patterns and rhythms of their creations.  In addition, Fourth Grade artists main focus is also exploring many cultures from around the World.  
    Students in Fourth Grade start by discovering the oceans through the eyes of a loggerhead sea turtle as they create a watercolor painting of a turtle in it's nature environment.  
    Art lessons incorporate  Social Studies, Science, math, literacy, cultural awareness, art appreciation, and traditional themes found in each cultural unit.   Students create Aborigine Bark Paintings, Chinese Coy Fish Scrolls incorporating an acrostic poem and the artist's name translated using Chinese characters, Native American Buffalo Shields, Frida Kahlo inspired Mexican portraits, Mexican Alejebrie "coyotes", postcard incorporating Japanese characters and designs, and Egyptian Hieroglyphics on faux papyrus paper.  Lastly, we shuffle back to Buffalo, New York.  Next, artists create a mini buffalo sculpture out of a rock molded with plasticine clay.
    As the K-4 program is on a 40 week schedule, the 5th grade special schedule rotates every ten weeks.  During that time, students in 5th grade explore Tibetan Mandalas and the sun/moon mandala, Modigliani inspired self-portraits, Franz Marc Horses, Dale Chichuly glass bowls, Medieval castles with princesses and knights, and lastly, a three-dimensional earthenware clay project.