• Math
     Our math program has every Lesson and homework "attached" .  Thank you for understanding that each Lesson is completed together as a class and that your child is responsible for completing the Homework and Practice page(s) each night.  Please return just the Homework and Practice page(s) to school in the morning.  Please support your child as needed, you may have to read the math information at times. If you do provide support...please write me a little note right on the page!  Thank you!
    Please encourage proper formation at all times.  **Refer to handout from Parent Orientation**
    "Book Pouch" book(s) (when it comes home from school.)
    You may want to ask your child a few comprehension questions such as...
    who are the main characters?
    where does the story take place?
    was there a problem in the story? 
    After you have listened to your child read; please sign the My First Grade Reading Log.  
    You may want to have your child practice the sight words/words families/skills in the packet as well.
                                                                        Thank you.