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    Blocks that Spell Learn

    Thanksgiving Entertaining
    Talk to your child about having guests over to your house. Ask them...
    *How can they help to get ready?
    *Where do you keep all the coats at your house and where will you put the coats of your guests?
    *What are good table manners?
    *What kind of appetizers will your family serve?
    *What are the rules for eating/drinking in rooms other than the kitchen or dining room?
    *How can they help clean up?
    * What are some tips on being a good guest and host/hostess?
    *What is a relative?
    May is Better Speech and Hearing Month!

    Help celebrate all year long by remembering to reinforce good communication skills at home.  Please see my "helpful tips" link for various ways to do this.  Thanks and enjoy the month!

    Mrs. Nottis