Classroom News

    Blocks that Spell Learn

    Welcome to Special Education Services where
     everyone can learn in their own way at their own pace.
    Special Education Services:
    Academic services may be provided to enhance your child's academic development in reading or mathematics.  Support is given to provide individualized support and reinforcement to meet each child's needs.
    Our AIS reading instruction is currently working on reading for meaning and the ability to respond to literature by looking back in the text to find evidence to support their thinking. We will also be working in the literature genre of nonfiction text where we will focus on learning how to use nonfiction text, locate information, and answer questions pertaining to the text. The students are also working on strategies to increase their decoding, oral reading fluency skills, and vocabulary development.
    Reading Strategies:
    1. Preview/ Predict, then  Confirm/Refute Predictions
    2. Syllable parts
    3. Using known parts
    4. Self-monitor- understanding
    5. Re-reading
    6. Making Connections
    7. Visualizing-picture in mind
    8. Sketch- draw a diagram
    9. Questioning-think: who? what? where? why?
    10. Think- Aloud
    Helpful Computer Programs:
    • raz-kids.com
    • pebblego.com
    • abcya.com
    • worldbookonline.com
    • brainpopjr.com
    • starfall.com
    • readnaturally.com
    • highlightskids.com
    • ixl.com
    Here are some tips when helping your child read at home:
    • When he/she comes to a word they are unfamiliar with, look for a smaller word or chunk that they do know.
    • Use word analogies- think of a word that you do know that is similiar to the unknown word. Let the known word help you determine the unknown word.
    • Check for understanding- If the reading does not make sense, read it again and fix up mistakes until meaning is made.
    • Sometimes it helps to skip the word and read on to the end of the sentence to gather context clues and then they will be able to fill in the unknown word with a word that make  sense.                                                                             
    • Here are some helpful math tips:
    • Re-read the problem
    • Fill in chart or diagram with the known information
    • Decide what the question is asking
    • Choose a mathematical operation
    • Draw out the problem
    • Complete the problem in a step-by-step process