All About Mrs. V.     

    Hi!  I'm Mrs. V. your Academic Enrichment (AE) teacher or RTI Math teacher this year.  I am so excited to have you in our classroom.  As the school year continues, I will learn lots of information about you.  So, I'd like to share a little bit about me and my favorite things.  This way, you can get to know me too!
    I am married and I have two daughters, named Olivia and Avery.  Olivia is 13 years old and is in seventh grade this year, and Avery is 10 and started fifth grade!  My favorite thing to do is spend time with my family and play board games!  I also love to cook and bake!
    Here are some of my other favorite things!
    Favorite Food - Fettuccini Alfredo/Spaghetti 
    Favorite Color(s) - Green, Purple, Pink
    Favorite Season - I like Fall and Summer equally
    Favorite Zoo Animal - Bengal Tiger
    Favorite Pet - Dog
    Favorite Flower - Pink Gerbera Daisy
    Favorite Dessert - Peanut Butter Pie
    Favorite Sport(s) - Volleyball & Tennis
    Favorite Hobbies - Scrapbooking, Puzzles, Cooking/Baking
    Favorite Music - Country
    Favorite Fruit - Strawberries
    Favorite Vegetable - Corn on the cob... yum!
    Favorite Fairytale - Cinderella
    Dislikes/Fears - Spiders and Bees!