Iroquois High School’s Academic Integrity Policy

    (*taken from Iroquois High School’s Student Handbook)


    A central part of our commitment to character is academic integrity. Students at Iroquois are expected to not lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate such behavior in their presence. Iroquois students are expected to strive towards intellectual and moral excellence. The forms of academic dishonesty are as follows:


    • Copying answers on a test

    • Using crib notes [or cell phone] on a test

    • Giving another person the answers to a test

    • Copying someone else’s homework

    • Plagiarism of language (failing to cite a source when directly quoting,               

                                              paraphrasing, or summarizing)

    • Plagiarism of ideas (failing to cite a source when using another person’s ideas)


    Penalties for violating academic integrity are a zero on the given assignment or test. The penalty for a second offense is more serious and may vary according to the circumstances, ranging from a detention up to suspension.


    Plagiarism is defined as “the act of using another person’s ideas or expressions in your writing without acknowledging the source.” To plagiarize is to give the impression (intentional or not) that you have written or thought something that you have, in fact, borrowed from someone else.


    Give the sources of all ideas and words used and indicate when the actual words of the original are used by quotation marks or, for long quotes, indention of ten (10) spaces. Copying without crediting or quotation marks when using the original words, then gives the mistaken impression the writing or idea is yours.


    Cheating, academic dishonesty, or plagiarism will result in the following consequences:


    A. A zero will be given on the assignment or test for everyone involved.

    B. Parents will be notified.

    C. An office referral will be made for documentation and possible consequences.


    If copying of homework occurs anywhere, students should expect the materials to be confiscated and forwarded to the appropriate teacher. That teacher will complete and office referral for documentation.