• Unit 1

    Dear Parent or Guardian:

    Today we began Compute with Multi-Digit Numbers. In this chapter, your student will learn how to multiply and divide decimals. Also, we will be using estimation in all steps of multiplication and division as a way to check the reasonableness of products and quotients. Included in this letter are key vocabulary words and activities you can do with your student. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me at school.

    Miss Breier




    compatible numbers  numbers that are easy to divide mentally


    Review Vocabulary

    dividend  in a division problem, the dividend is the number being divided

    divisor  in a division problem, the divisor is the number that is being divided into the dividend

    estimate  a number close to an exact value

    powers of 10  numbers that can be obtained by raising 10 to a whole-number power

    product  the result of a multiplication problem

    quotient  the result of a division problem