Students who miss a quiz or test for any reason must make up the quiz or test immediately upon return to school whether or not it is a math day.  Following any absence, students are expected to get notes from another student (not the instructor) and make up assignments immediately.  Be sure you understand the attendance policy.  Too many absences could result in course failure!

    Note:  In the event of a prolonged absence (three or more consecutive class periods), the teacher will work with the student to establish a schedule for making up assignments, quizzes, and/or tests.  It is the students’ responsibility to seek the instructor immediately upon return.



    Each student is required to supply themselves with a pen or pencil, a ruler, a protractor, a graphing calculator, 3-ring binder, and assignment book. If you forget a graphing calculator for a quiz, test, or exam, YOU MAY NOT BORROW ONE or will you be allowed to travel to your locker!


                3-RING BINDER:

    If kept organized, your binder/folder will be an asset to you, thus increasing your learning and, consequently, considerably increasing your performance on quizzes and tests. 


                CLASS NOTES: 

    You will be expected to take careful and accurate notes.  These notes are to be kept in an organized manner in a 3-ring binder.




    Homework is assigned daily.  Homework will be graded on a five-point scale, with 0 as the lowest score and 5 (perfectly correct) as the highest.  There will be a 5-point deduction for copying or turning in someone else’s work; none of these points may be earned back. 

    Note:  Your tutors work will not be accepted.




    Quizzes will be announced at least one class day prior to the quiz.  Quizzes test material in the present unit and previous units.  Quizzes may also cover material learned in previous math courses.



    Tests are given regularly and are announced well in advance.  Tests will contain the units being covered as well as any review material from this or previous math courses.  A test/quiz missed for an illegitimate reason (such as cutting/skipping) will result in a grade of 0 and can not be taken.  Cheating on any graded activity will also result in a grade of 0.



    ·        A Comprehensive Final Examination will be given in June and counts as  of your grade.


                EXTRA HELP: 

    Your teacher is available to help you by appointment.  Your teacher may be able to meet with you at other times. Ask for an appointment.  If your teacher is trying to help several students, please be patient and wait your turn.


                PROGRESS REPORTS: 

    Progress reports are sent to the parents or guardians of all students midway through the marking period.  A teacher may also contact parents or guardians by phone, email, or a letter between reports.


                QUARTER GRADE AND FINAL:

    Quarter Grade:          



    Class Participation












    Quarter Average

    Final Average:


    For Full-Year Course     = Final Average