• 1.   How do I become involved at Elma Primary?
    Attend PTO meetings to see what help is needed in the classrooms and in the school.  Opportunities are plentiful and your help is welcome and appreciated.  You can help in the cafeteria, in the classrooms that have "centers"  and during fundraising or special events.
    2.  I work during the day.  Can I help at home?
    Yes!  Parent who are unable to help during the day have opportunities, too.  Events like our Movie Night, Family Fun Night, Vendor Fair, Book Fair and more are held in the evenings.  There are positions available that have things to complete at your convenience (phone calls for volunteers, emails to parents, writing "thank you" notes). 
    3.  What if I only have an hour or two to volunteer?
    That's all you need!  You can sign up for a "shift" during an event or fundraiser so that you aren't tied up for the entire time.  If "shifts" are designated on the sheet to volunteer, please contact any board member to let them know when you are available to help. 
    4.  Can I help in the classroom?
    Parents have opportunities to help in the classrooms that have"centers" as part of their classroom time.  A room parent is chosen at the beginning of the year (please fill out and send in ASAP if you're interested!)  and they help to schedule parents for classroom events as the teacher needs them to.
    5.  Can I suggest a fundraiser?
    Yes!  Please contact any board member with ideas (and information, if you have it) for any fundraising ideas throughout the school year.
    6.  I'd like to hear about a topic for a PTO meeting or suggest a guest speaker.  Can I do this?
    We love parent input!  Please contact a PTO Co-President via email or phone to make a suggestion.
    7.  How do I contact a Board Member with a concern or my input? 
    Please visit the PTO's homepage of this website to find your PTO Co-President's information or call the school to obtain their phone number to contact them at home.  They are here for you, so please don't hesitate to contact them.
    8.  What's the Parent Email Express?
    This is a newer way to contact parents about PTO meeting changes or last minute volunteer opportunities.  Some parents may have schedules that change regularly or may not know too far in advance when they can help.  This gives a parent a way to help our students and our school if they haven't been able to previously.
    9.  How can I make Elma Primary the best school in our area?
    Support your child at home and at school!  Consider volunteering your time, when available, and please give us your input!