• United States History and Government - Regents

    Iroquois High School, Room 204

    Mr. McAtee, 2018-19


    Course Description

    Click here  for a copy of the course syllabus

    The main goal of this course is to help students to "understand our nation's basic principles and cultural heritage so that they can be informed, committed participants in our democracy."  Students will examine how our country was established, the reasons for its establishment, the challenges that the nation has faced over time, and actions taken by individuals and groups of people to overcome those challenges.

    This course will also help students to further develop the skills and habits of mind needed to become active citizens and successful adults.  Class activities will help students grow as self-directed learners who have the ability to work with others in a cooperative and respectful manner.  Students will further develop as critical thinkers who are able to assess and evaluate evidence and conflicting interpretations of information.  In addition, class activities will help students to improve their ability to make clear and well-reasoned arguments, and to support those arguments with relevant evidence and information.

    The course will culminate with the New York State Regents Examination, which will take place in January.