• Iroquois High School

    Course: Wood Lab Technologies – 20 weeks

    Instructor: Mr. Ruffino

    Phone: 716-652-3000 – ext: 7159





    This course is designed to concentrate on all basic wood construction methods. Students will first learn how to safely operate all woodworking equipment and safely operate in a professional woodworking environment. The woodworking equipment includes all types of hand and power tools used to shape wood. Then students will learn the various ways objects of wood are formed. Students will use an assortment of woodworking tools to craft parts for their projects. Students will also study different joints used to securely join boards, and their appropriateness for different applications. Students will practice alternate methods used to construct wooden projects.


    This class will introduce students to several types of wood and their unique characteristics. Students will also study finishing methods. As a final stage students will use their own creativity to conceive a project and then go about creating the project.



    Course Goals:

    Students will:

    • Learn proper shop attire and behavior.
    • Learn safe operating procedures of all woodworking tools.
    • Learn board squaring.
    • Learn measuring methods.
    • Construct useful projects.
    • Construct projects of various wood types.
    • Choose and then create at least one advanced project.
    • Learn and practice finishing.
    • Learn the ethics and responsibilities of a professional craftsman.
    • Have fun!!!!


    Course Outline:

    Ø  Review rules and Syllabus

    Ø   Safety of the room and of the tools.

          Ø Get familiar with the tools.

    Ø  Proper tool procedure and cutting of each tool within the room.
    Ø Learn about the different wood species and what they are used for.

          Ø Create a push stick 

    Ø  Cutting Board

    Ø Wood Finishes

    Ø Tool Box 

    Ø  Bird House

    Ø Wood Box (joinery)

    Ø  Picture Frame

    Ø  Free Project - Create something on your own.


    Material Needs:


    Course Requirements and Grading:

    The course grade will be based on individual projects, writing assignments, quizzes, a portfolio, and a final exam. The final grade will be determined using the following weights:


    Projects = 40%

    Classwork = 30%

    Participation /Attendance = 30%