• Project #1 
    Part A - Clipboard Production 
    The students will be given a Clipboard Production design and layout. Students will research the process and of making a Clipboard Production. After the investigation period, the students will  as a team select materials and then create an assemble process. The whole process takes about 6 weeks to complete. Each Clipboard will be finished, sanded and surfaced with a protective coat. 
    Student Requirements:
    - Internet Research 
    - Select materials
    - Create a process
    - Determine size and time
    - Create a full scale set of plans with dimensions and system diagram
    - Determine and learn required tools and machines to create your stool.
    - Build 20 Clipboard
    Total Points Possible
    Complete 20 Clipboard    100 pts.
    Part B – Clipboard Construction Term Papers 
    Students will write a short term paper or PowerPoint about their process in creating your Clipboard. This paper is dived into three areas. Section 1 is about student research and process, material selection, advantages and disadvantages of materials, and potential cost. In addition, speculate a Time Study / Cost Analysts / Rate of Return / Production Analysts of your project. Section 2 is about the actual Clipboard making process in the lab, tool, machines, and safety. The final part is a summary of the whole process and the completion of a Clipboard. Paper length is 2-4 pages or PowerPoint 10-20 slides.
    Student Requirements:
    - Students research established on Internet
    - Students research material selection
    - Students explain why they selected their materials
    - Students write first draft of term paper or PowerPoint
    - Students revise term paper or PowerPoint
    - Students hand in final draft of term paper (2-5 pages or 10-20 slides).
    - Standard page layout applies. Size 12 font, 1 inch margins, doubled spaced. 
    Total Points Possible 
    Clipboard term paper        100 Pts.