• Project #2
    Part A - Pallet Wood Chair 
    The students will research and design their own Pallet Wood Chair using the Internet. After their research of Pallet Wood Chair is complete they will come up with their own design and construction of a Pallet Wood Chair. Two students per chair. Duration for this project is 4 weeks.
    Student Requirements
    - Internet Research 
    - Select materials
    - Create a design
    - Determine size
    - Determine and learn required tools and machines to create your stool.
    - Build 
    Total Points Possible - 100 Pts.
    Part B - Pallet Wood Chair Testing 
    Students will test their Pallet Wood Chair for maximum strength, durability, and materials cost efficiency, which means that the most points will be awarded to the bridge that holds the most weight with the least structural damage and least materials. The Pallet Wood Chair will undergo a series of standard chair test. 
    Student Requirements 
    To have created a high quality Pallet Wood Chair that will have the most weight.
    Total Points Possible 
    Total - 100 Pts.
    Part C – Pallet Wood Chair Construction & Testing Assignment
    Students will complete an assignment about their process in creating their Pallet Wood Chair. This assignment is dived into 4 areas. Section 1 is about student research and design, material selection, advantages and disadvantages of materials, and cost of materials. Section 2 is about the actual Pallet Wood Chair building making process in the lab, tool, machines, and safety. Next is about the testing process. The final part is a summary of the whole process and the completion of their Pallet Wood Chair. 
    Student Options and Guideline:
    Option 1 - Term Paper
    • Students write first draft of term paper
    • Students revise term paper
    • Students hand in final draft of term paper (2 pages)
    • Standard page layout applies. Size 12 font, 1 inch margins, doubled spaced
    Option 2 - Video Chronicle
    • Create a video record of events of your project from start to finish
    Option 3 - Production System Process
    Create an efficient production assemble system if you we to mass produce your Pallet Wood Chairs. You select the media in which to present. Key things to include:
    • Type of Production
    • Details of what happens in each stage
    • What tools are needed for each stage
    Total Points Possible - 100 Pts.

    The challenge is to create the most durable chair with the least amount of materials. The winner will not be required to complete Part C of this project.


    Duration for this project is 4 weeks. Due date for all 3 parts are April 30th.